It Only Takes One Hand To Get The Job Done Right.

A complete Pissinator kit with prosthetic, lab grade synthetic urine, medical grade temperature indicator, organic heat pads, 4 oz synthetic urine reservoir with strap, sterile refill pump, and detailed instructions is only $99.95!

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What is the Pissinator?

The Pissinator is a discreet, reusable, strap-on prosthetic penis that uses synthetic urine instead of real human urine for a safe wet sex experience. It is realistic in appearance and function with the folds, texture, and flexibility of an actual circumcised and flaccid penis. The Pissinator was designed for the person who is seeking a realistic and toxin free urine experience.

How is the Pissinator used?

There's no need to fumble around with clumsy on/off clamps. All that's necessary to start the flow of synthetic urine is a gentle pinch on the Pissinator's shaft in the same area where you would normally hold your penis when urinating. When you're ready to stop the flow of urine, simply stop pinching. The amount of urine flowing out of the Pissinator is controlled by the touch sensitive valve located in the tip of the Pissinator's shaft. More urine flows out when you pinch harder and less urine flows when you gently pinch. Most importantly, it's all done with only one hand. In contrast, wet sex simulator devices like the old Whizzinator would use one hand to hold the prosthetic and the other hand to start/stop the flow of synthetic urine via an on/off clamp. Devices like the Whizzinator were also very noisy with their on/off valve which would click when opened. The Pissinator's touch sensitive valve makes no noise when operated.

During normal urination you use muscles to squeeze on the bladder. Therefore, you are relying on more than just gravity for that high flow rate of urine we are all accustomed to seeing. Reproducing this realistic flow rate is impossible for 99% of the urinating devices sold on the market today as they are gravity fed devices and will begin to produce an unrealistic trickle when their reservoir bag is not even half empty! The Pissinator solves this problem by using a remote mounted synthetic urine reservoir bag. It is mounted in your armpit area and is held in place via a small, thin, discreet, elastic strap. The design of the reservoir bag allows it to be worn in the armpit area comfortably and discreetly for as long as you desire.  Mounting the reservoir bag in your armpit area allows you to squeeze inconspicuously on the reservoir bag and produce a stronger, more realistic flow of synthetic urine from beginning to end.

Whether you squeeze the reservoir bag or not, the flow rate from the Pissinator is excellent and you can mount the reservoir bag in any location that is comfortable for you.  However, mounting the reservoir bag under your armpit and squeezing it will create that added touch of realism that devices like the Whizzinator could only dream of.

Why does the Pissinator use synthetic urine?

Now that you have the right device, what do you fill it with when you're ready to use it? Well, you could store some urine but this could be problematic. Human urine is a sterile solution, which means there is no bacteria present under normal circumstances. However, over prolonged periods of storage, human urine can become very hazardous. To prevent this, the Pissinator uses lab grade synthetic urine which is toxin, contaminant, and germ free. There is no need to worry about bacteria or other contaminants as synthetic urine is created in a sterile lab environment.  Synthetic urine has the same chemical structure as real human urine which means you get the realism without the danger.

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